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Power Plant Valve price
Brief Introduce:
High temperature high pressure globe valve for power plants, power station flushing pipe valve, flushing valve, flushing type globe valve, flushing pipe valve.
To blow the iron rust, scrap iron, iron oxide and other impurities out of the pipe, the flushing valve works. Before start heating boiler, we need to flushing pipes by steam to make sure the safe of equipment. The valve is used in nuclear station, thermal power plants and other industrial pipeline system.
Size: 20inch (DN500)
Pressure: 900LB (PN160)
Material: WC9
End: BW SCH40
Operation: Electric actuator
1. OS&Y, Rising stem
2. The disc and seat are welding with hard alloy.
3. High temperature creep resistance design.
4. Flanged or Butt Welded ends
5. By pass on request
Technical parameters:
Product Name:high temperature high pressure globe valve for power plant
Size:2inch to 30inch(DN50 to DN750)
Pressure rating600LB to 2500LB (PN64 to PN420)
Material:WCB, WC6, WC9,CF8, CF3, CF8M, CF3M,4A, 5A etc.
End connection:butt welding
Operation typeHandwheel, Gear, Electric actuactor, pneumatic actuactor
Design Standards:API602, ANSI B 16.34
Face to Face:AMSE B16.10
Weld end standardAMSE B 16.25Power Plant Valve price

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