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Email Lists - Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Email List
If you have created an email list from visitors to your website, you are holding a valuable asset. Your list subscribers have shown an interest in you, your business or the subject matter of your website.  executive email list This is a list of warm prospects, people that are likely to purchase your products and services at some point in the future, perhaps repeatedly. This article contains some tips on how to monetize your list once you have created it[Image: Email-Database.gif?fit=282%2C130&ssl=1].
Understand that creating a list is no small task. Even if you already have substantial traffic to your website, only a small percentage of your visitors will consent to join your list. People have very negative feelings about spam, and are cautious about giving away their emails. Even if they have faith that you will not sell or transfer that information to any third party (and you should assure them that this is the case), they do not want to receive thousands of sales pitches or promotional emails from you. They get enough of that already.
The way to overcome this obstacle is to make them want to hear from you again. Have an interesting and informative website. If they see great content and want to see more, they will be receptive to getting your emails. And make sure that the newsletters you send out sizzle with informative and entertaining content so that they get read and your readers want more.
Once you have built up a massive email list of warm leads, you will have a regular means of communicating with potential customers, maintaining their interest in your website and your business, and enticing them to return to your website again and again. But this would also be a good time to think about other ways to monetize your website. Here are some ideas.
1) Advertising. If you have a large email list, you will have no trouble finding companies that wish to advertise on your list. Sell advertising space. Do not sell or rent out your list. That would be betraying the trust your customers placed in you. Instead, continue producing the quality newsletters your customers have grown accustomed to, and sell a modest amount of advertising space on these newsletters.
You may also choose to let certain companies send one-off advertisement blasts to your email list. Again, retain control over this process. Make sure that the product is something your list recipients would be receptive to hearing about. And make sure you don't do this so often that it becomes unwelcome. Do not let the short term gain of some advertising dollars cause you to lose subscribers.
2) Complementary Cross-Selling. Develop relationships with companies that offer complementary products or services. Place links on your newsletter to these companies and descriptions of their services. For each sale made through your newsletter, you earn a commission.
3) New Product Lines. Consider branching out your product lines or developing complementary product lines. I am not suggesting that you actually develop new products. What I mean is that you should look for products that you can obtain essentially on consignment or wholesale from other vendors. Advertise the products on your newsletter with an appropriate markup and sell them.
4) E-book Sales. Write e-books about the subject matter of your business, either from scratch or by compiling some of the articles on your website. This will not only bring in revenue but will further enhance your reputation as an expert.
5) Create a network out of your list. Get people to invite more people to view your site and subscribe to your list. The larger your list is, the more people will be able to click on your links and affiliate links as well as make your advertisement rates higher.
If you have a large subscriber list, you have very valuable asset. In addition to the substantial rewards it will bring in terms of repeated visits to your website and long term customer interest, you should implement the tips in this article to monetize your email lists. If you don't think about different ways to extract money from your list, you are just leaving money on the table.

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