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Phantasy Star Online 2 Overview
Phantasy Star Online 2 started eight decades back from Japan, but pso2 sales had been attracted to western shores only recently thanks to fan demand and Microsoft's participation. It's simple to assume Sega's action-MMO has missed the boat, what with Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV all hoarding the vast majority of the genre's fanbase in their thrall. How can a near-decade old sport dream to compete against these juggernauts?

Phantasy Star Online 2 includes lots of style to mask its own wrinkles. Phantasy Star Online 2 is not an MMO from the traditional-sense, at least not enjoy those currently dominating the genre. There is not a broad, open world to research, filled with players going about their respective errands. Instead, it's more reminiscent of elderly lobby-based MMOs like the first Guild Wars. There is an overall hub/lounge place where players congregate to either upgrade their gear, accept quests, or mingle. This social hub is much like the Tower from Destiny 2, plus it's sequestered into various cases, known as"blocks", to keep the servers from slipping to hot slag.

This system means playing with friends or randoms can prove a bit cumbersome sometimes. If your buddies are in another block you'll need to first transfer over to theirs before they could invite you in party. If you're using the baked-in matchmaking from the mission select screen you may opt to pull players in from your block, or can search for groups across the range of other blocks available, however when a group fills while you're surfing the list doesn't update to inform you of these.

Other elements of Phantasy Star Online 2 create the eight-year difference between Phantasy Star Online 2's initial release and the North American launch more difficult to ignore. The images are clearly from a bygone age, with light, textures, and anti-aliasing showing their age the most. The overwhelmingly anime art design keeps it all afloat, but since you are running about the labyrinthine corridors of these procedurally-generated missions it is clear this was a game released in 2012.

Though, even by 2012 criteria Phantasy Star Online 2 isn't pushing any boundaries. And that's fine, since the colorful, anime aesthetic that engulfs the experience more than makes up for its muddy environment flaws, dim shadows, and PSO2 Meseta jagged edges.

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