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About the Program
Our Rod & Reel Repair & Maintenance Program is done in house at tightlines in somers point, inside somers point marina! Get your reels inspected, cleaned, and lubed. also clean and lube your rods, guides, tips, and reel seats. Don't let your equipment break down during the fishing season. We have great prices and will make a better deal on 10 or more reels! We do conventional, spinning, off shore, in shore, and freshwater reels, including baitrunners! Here's a tip! -- when you get your reels cleaned, you should strip your line so the spool can be cleaned properly, all the salt water dries on the line and spool and becomes calcified causing problems. its a good time to re-line your reels. Stop by and check us out!

Pricing is as follows:
  • Spinning Reels - $25.00
  • Spinning Reels with Baitrunner - $30.00
  • Conventional Reels - $30.00
  • International Reels (any size) - $40.00
  • Pricing for all rod repairs depends on the service rendered.
Stradic CI4 & Calcutta 400 out the door! Thanks Tim! New guts in Calcutta after major rust to gears and pinion.
Protect Your Investment!
830 Bay Ave
SPNJ 08244

[Image: img1.jpg]

Penn International 70 new main bearing and clean/lube.. thanks Captain Mick!
Protect Your Investment!
830 Bay Ave
Somers Point NJ 08244

[Image: img2.jpg]

Be sure to drop off your rods and/or reels for service today for a beautiful restoration!! Cool
3 Shimano Tiagras out the door & spooled!!
Protect Your Investment!
830 Bay Ave
SPNJ 08244

[Image: 190.jpg]
New drag washers with clean/lube on Stradic CI4 ! Thanks George!!!
Protect Your Investment!
830 Bay Ave

[Image: 345.jpg]
2 Tiagra 50w cleaned & Lubed!
protect Your Investment!
830 Bay Ave
SPNJ 08244

[Image: 411.jpg]
Reel foot replacement!
Shimano Thunnus Clean/Lube and reel foot replacement! Protect Your Investment!!
830 Bay Ave
SPNJ 08244

[Image: 467.jpg] [Image: 468.jpg] [Image: 469.jpg]
Tight Lines!
Tara B.
Penn torque and Shimano Trinidad out the door.. new bearings and braid going on... thanks Dave!
Protect Your Investment!
830 Bay Ave
SPNJ 08244

[Image: 300.jpg]
Tight Lines!
Tara B.
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