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Where you see lesbians, I see a young person half my age from another country claiming to have popularised the one essential part of my uniform from my angst ridden teenage years. They are shortsighted and entirely uninformed and still manage to be terrific fun, mainly because they aren't bothered worrying how legitimate the things they're saying are. I see a young person half my age from another country claiming to have popularised the one essential part of my uniform from my angst ridden teenage years. HOSTILITY, PROMISCUITY, and UNATTAINABILITY punched me right in the nuts. And now that the people linked to have done so, we are doing the same thing! Wikipedia, the first subculture to latch onto Doc Martens in a significant way were housewives in their forties, so my mind is thoroughly blown. I, who am happily middle aged now, was young are suddenly new and politically significant. You can't write a manifesto and when it's criticised, just claim you were joking and lol chill. It seems like when you work the culture backwards to see who you're influenced by, you learn why things are the way they are. I know it meant a lot to me as a teen to work Ska backwards through reggae, R&ampB, Britain, Jamaica. I don't begrudge the kids the right to write bombastic manifestoes--but if your manifestoes and declarations can't stand up to the scrutiny of uncool people like me then that's not much of a manifesto. I don't think even reasonable people can agree with a claim that this subculture invented or popularized both the skinny jean and the wearing of Doc Martens. Austin, anyway, that's about when sorority girls took to wearing them en masse for a few years. I can only guess as to the reason behind the whole been there done that dialogue that inevitably pops up when 'new' fashion trends are discussed here. Retelling it endlessly, just the mere mention of it is comedy gold! I had to talk to people before I decided to dislike them, I'd be pissed off all the time. In my plaid pants and vest and chunky glasses and newsboy hat, I'm sure people would put me squarely in the hipster category, and I'm okay with that, and I'm okay if they're not interested in me as a result of that. But keep in mind, the person you might be dismissing is probably dismissing you too, based on that god awful tie you're wearing. Usually I talk people into getting undressed and taking photos of each other. I talk people into getting undressed and taking photos of each other. I'd define fashion as that specific area wherein how we look is not accidental. Making judgments of our non-accidents strikes me as perfectly sensible. This is about the mainstreaming of all those gender-bending things that are around for decades. Hanson Brothers or whatever, and being a dyke who hates wearing skirts (or just a girl who hates skirts) and finding some validation out there. People fight for things 'cause they actually want them to become mainstream and boring. I was okay with the st century when I openly expressed my hatred of Michelle Tea, and to a person, all my gay, straight, bi, black, white and neapolitan friends thought for a second, and agreed. I actually was able to read these articles without throwing things and gritting my teeth into powder due to horrible writing. Docs from the aerial tricks he's performing on his skateboard! It's a great way for a gal to be stylish and sexy without resorting to slutty. It's just a label, brewed under contract by Miller-Coors. I was making fun of hipsters in print starting and I got there late. Primarily the skinny, semi-responsible guy and his heavy-set, unemployed man-child sidekick. Ancient hero whose bloodline is prophesied to save mankind. The film looks like a Hammer Dracula movie with updated effects. It is not some softcore Misty Mundae vehicle, as the title might suggest. I thought was selling out, but frankly the lesbian part is my main point of contention with the film. 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Stuart Lichtman a long time his material gets people results. Mountain Division -- and, in a courageous move, does it on the division commander's discussion board. Ever since I was in Elementary school I have known I've been different. I asked my dad what a lesbian was after reading about a woman named Ellen who came out publicly that she was gay. I cried myself to sleep that night and for many years after. I tried dating boys with no success of changing my feelings. I was raised Catholic and my family was very homophobic until they realized they had a gay daughter. That was not conditioning, a trend, or some form of faulty upbringing that made me who I am today. No one else can judge me but him and I put my full faith in him everyday as I go through life. I know exactly how hard it is to serve knowing that my career could end at any moment if someone were to find out about my sexuality. That is not out of fear of being caught, it's out of respect for other women. I have deployed with th Mtn proudly and when I came home I was not able to share my relief and joy with my girlfriend as others could at the welcoming home ceremony. My relationship lasted longer than most military marriages and yet I have no support. When DADT is overturned, I won't be jumping out of my office screaming I'm gay to the world. I wouldn't have to pretend to have a crush on a guy or go on a date with a fellow CPT in order for others to not get suspicious. Under the current policy, no one is allowed to accuse us without evidential proof nor ask us questions about our sexuality. Could you heterosexuals imagine not being able to say anything about your partner? Don't discuss your wife's new attitude or husband's infidelity. Imagine going throughout your entire career not being able to discuss your relationships and not being able to bring your loved one to any military function. Because it was a big fat waste of time - time we needed to be spending training for combat. DADT, but what did the officer expect when she chose the military as a profession? Fed government going start recognizing gay marriage to the exclusion of state law so gay "dependents" can receive benefits? I find it amazing that all these articles are coming out now. Also, what other regs does this "captain' choose to violate. DADT amnesty is declared, knowing she violated regs on a daily basis for over years. I allowed a possible gay soldier to complete his enlistment after a admission of gay feelings. US Army more time and energy then allowing him to finish. His inability to do his job forced others to take more risks outside the wire because I was not about to allow another Barry Winchell. NCO's had major heartburn over allowing this kid to finish his tour. FOBs and caused our soldiers added risk on top of daily missions. I had the backing of our JAG and we were legally allowed to let this kid finish his time. HH, you violated the UCMJ in allowing the gay soldier to remain on duty under the current rules? Well that seems expedient, but certainly not at the expense of the good order and discipline of your unit. So you were endangering a soldier who admitted he was gay, and yet the other soldiers in your unit didn't choose to implement some sort of street justice? Commanders implement the UCMJ, it is the highest among a number of regulations but all are open to interpretation. Every one of these decisions is measured on the case-by-case merit of the situation at hand. If you had, you'd know that the author wasn't violating any regs at all. DADT doesn't prohibit gays from serving in the military. JAG, probably via the blessing of the unit or group commander) violated regs by allowing an admitted homosexual to continue serving because it was the expedient thing to do at the time, a perfect illustration of a moment when following DADT to the letter just wasn't going to work for your unit. DADT is the last bastion of traditional values, up until the point that you have a great troop who works well in the unit who, whoopsie, just happens to be gay. I'm currently a JAG in the Air Force, and I've spent a lot of time dreading the day I'd have to review a discharge package for an airman who'd done nothing other than be gay. The culture arrived at tolerance, understanding, accommodation, and equity long ago. General Conway has shown disdain for his own Marines, something amazingly rare in the Corps. Hunter and me agreeing as we do on this one, you know you've found a universal truth. Republican crackpot right wing make it so with the connivance of their fellow travelers in the military high command. I am not sure of the legal process needed to overturn DADT but if Obama had any real intestinal fortitude he would issue an executive order demanding an end to gay discrimination in the armed forces as of today. Obama administration's seeming lack of action on this has two parts. I think Obama wants to allow Gates to do whatever he needs to prep the Pentagon in whatever way he sees fit for the change. Let's say Obama issued his executive order nullifying DADT. He could issue an executive order saying that DADT would be reestablished. I hear you loud and clear and understand the cynical and craven nature of our political process. I also understand that the armed forces have a right to discriminate for practical reasons in their selection process. Obese non-swimmers are denied the right to be Navy SEALa??s, colorblind illiterates are denied the right to fly F-a??s, lacking the ability to do basic arithmetic means you are unlikely to be a specialist in nuclear propulsion, or more controversially being a female means you dona??t do Marine Force Recon. I had to report back onboard the afternoon it anchored after the deployment. Watching the homecoming from the POV of the families at the gate was something I will not easily forget. Their pained expressions and disappointment were something not easily forgotten either. DoD study on effects of changing the policy is the worst, slow-walking BS though, and shame on Gates for giving it credibility. I am a gay person, and although I have not served, I have been on the other side of this equation by dating someone who was in the military. It is a horrible stress on the individual and on the relationship, and nothing is worse than realizing that under DADT a gay soldier really does not have a safe haven to really just be themselves when everyone needs that. The rest just comes down to living a good life and being a good person. I am thrilled to see so many people posting positive comments on this subject. I, for one, have enough confidence of the discipline of our Soldiers, even the homophobic ones, that I don't think there would be substantial issues with the repeal of DADT. For one both British and Israeli armies allow gays to serve openly and yet somehow they have not fallen apart. The same arguments were made there as there are made here now for not repealing DADT. It also seems arguments made now are the same ones that would have been made during integration in the s. That is they are mostly false and play on peoples fears. People also seem to forget that military takes it's orders from the president, and the servicemen and women will follow orders. If there are those who can't then they always have the option of not re-enlisting. First of all, neither the president nor the military can determine whether homosexuals can serve in the military. The president and the military are the executors of national law, which comes from the legislature. Second, congress has already prescribed physical, mental and moral standards of eligibility for all servicemembers from E to O. The disturbing aspect of this captain's article is not that she is gay, but rather that she has compromised her integrity and forsaken her character by living a life that is a lie from the first time she entered the military. I applaud her courage and empathize with her plight, but she has not earned any praise by lying to herself and to her fellow service members. If this captain lives in Vermont and marries a female, will her "spouse" be allowed to collect federal benefits and entitlements? What happens when they get a divorce or the captain decides to stop paying family support from her federally authorized BAH? How will the chain of command enforce UCMJ and federal law to support an arrangement (marriage) that is legal in some states, but not federally recognized? This captain will no doubt perform well in combat and so will most other homosexual service members, but how will we as a nation be able to support those service members using the flawed legal construct we currently have? HR department of a major corporation, just when they decided to begin offering domestic partner health and pension benefits to same-sex couples. We had to deal with all the issues you describe (except gay marriage, which actually would have made things easier because we wouldn't have had to come up with our own definition of the difference between shacking up and a committed relationship). Oh, how mightily we struggled with these weighty issues! VA systems are not exactly like corporations, but they're not completely different either. I was completely respected by my peers, my senior officers, and my subordinates. I had issues going to unit functions without being able to take my partner, and had to continuously play the role of a straight man, who was so dedicated to the Army, that he didn't have time for a wife. Army wanted you to have a wife, they would issue you one". If anyone who liked me "thinking" I were straight, but didn't like me because I was gay, well SHAME on them. I made great rank, I was totally dedicated to the Army, I am very decorated, and now I am happily retired. In years, it never harmed anyone with be being in the Army, and I can tell you, it won't harm anyone now, ten years from now, years from now, or even years from now. If you think you aren't serving with a few dozen gay solders at any given time, you have another think coming. They may be the person who saves you on the battlefield. I know Marines, they don't want you feeling sorry for them - your tears and sympathies and enthusiasms would insult, offend or outright bore them - which is why they're the most fearsome and effective god damn warriors in the world. Buck McKeon that they opposed any congressional action on the policy now, before the military completes its review of the matter. Heads of Service using their official capacity to go back-channel opposing policy recommendation of the Commander in Chief and the Secretary of Defense, we cross a line. USC Section ) or the more diffuse but firm one labeled civilian control of the military. SecDef Gates would also have preferred waiting for a review to have been completed by the services prior to implementation, but he is also open to compromise for a shorter time frame. We all know at least one member of the JCS that isn't keen on the idea. I talked with him briefly years ago, and he mentioned he was at first surprised at how many homosexuals were attracted to the trade. Let's remember DADT has been around for quite awhile - since the Clinton administration. They may be legitimate but honestly they aren't that big a deal. Joe Snuffy didn't want to bunk with Joe Smitty because Smitty wasn't the same skin color. There are some non-monetary partner-rights issues, but the pocketbook problems stem from unequal pay based on marital status. But bump up the pay of all single servicemembers $K to make their compensation equal to that of married members. That's what the executive and legislative branches tasked the defense department to do--figure out the price tag, implications , second and third order effects and alternatives. As the ranking members on the armed services committee, McCain and McKeon are the guys DoD reports to on this matter. Gates has already voiced the same concern this is not some "back channel" mutiny. The only "back dooring" around here is the attempt to force the military to recognize homosexual unions with federal benefits, then to use that as a precedent for full federal recognition. If you're desperate for federally sanctioned gay marriages, then address that issue with your reps in Congress. In the meantime, I have to spend years getting shot at in every shithole on the planet while separated from my family to earn a federal pension. I don't exactly relish the notion of adding homosexual civilians to the current population of leeches that steal lifetime federal benefits by divorcing some poor service member after only years of marriage. Again, this is not just about allowing homosexuals or blacks or non-citizens or any other group to serve. We'd be doing it the way the Constitution says and the Founding Fathers wanted. But the Constitution charges elected politicians to provide for the common defense, not use the military as a pawn to gladhand to right wing Christian groups or left wing gay rights groups. Most people come at this issue with an agenda besides national security. I just would like to see this handled in a level-headed way. There are many officers that dislike elected civilians encroaching upon their uniformed neighborhood. They see the military as some cloistered priesthood of infallibles who should be a?Лњtrusteda?? to do the right thing. Fortunately, that attitude is at variance with both the law and the traditional instincts of the American people. It is because the military is such a unique and powerful institution that active civilian oversight is a must and no more so than in insuring that gay people are treated with respect and their rights to serve the nation are protected. DADT is as much a military issue as it is a political one. Afghanistan because Army pay was too low, would you still be willing to condemn her? American people, have a compact among ourselves that identifies the basic rules of how we govern ourselves. We call this document the Constitution of the United States. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), and the articles within the UCMJ are covered under Title , Subtitle A, Part II, Chapter of the United States Code. SODOMY (a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. DADT specifically because President Clinton did not believe he could get Congress to change the laws governing the Armed Forces, namely changing the definition of Homosexual acts as Sodomy. At the time, the theory was that someone defining themselves as a homosexual was by definition admitting they have or would engage in homosexual behavior. And as long as someone did not overtly or publically commit an act of sodomy, or did not express that they were homosexual (Dona??t tell, either by words or actions), the authorities would not be required to act. It is up to Congress to change the laws concerning what actions conducted by those in uniform are legal and what are illegal, not the President. However, I do respect our Constitution, and believe it reflects whata??s best about the American people. Leta??s uphold our constitution concerning how we do these things. These are perfectly reasonable adjectives but cannot properly be employed as nouns. Even the biblical injunctions are not opposed to "homosexuals" but very specifically opposed to homosexual acts, which had they not been natural would not have required mention. Gilgamesh epic we find that the heroa??s attraction for Enkidu was a??like the love of a womana??. The Book of Samuel also provides the account of Davida??s love for Jonathan. Alexander loved Hephaestion, The conquering Hercules for Hylas wept, And for Patroclus stern Achilles drooped. This was the medieval norm beds were scarce and men lodged and slept together. Puritan era when church altars and windows were destroyed, dancing and theatre were banned, and all joy was banished under the baneful eye of the new dispensation. Roman Catholic Church, which has survived largely unsullied by the Puritan preoccupation with sex, has ever regarded all extra-marital sex as needful of discipline and makes no particular distinction between predilections. This provides a further source of misunderstanding for those who claim the Church is against homosexuality (noun again), which it is not, it is against homosexual acts, not because they are homosexual but because they are sex outside normal marriage. When I was a fresh faced subaltern and discovered a saturnine young soldier flagrante delicto with a sheep when he should have been concentrating on his duties, I reprimanded him, later to be memorably castigated myself by the superior officer who demanded, with venom in his eyes, was I not aware that bestiality was one of the most serious offences in the British Army. What in the name of Heaven do they teach you at that officer training college? Are you willing to defend the Constitution of the Unites States? Are you willing to follow lawful orders from superior officers? Are you willing to kill the enemy if called on to do that? Chose The Side Of The Oppressors (Again) In Economic Class Warfare. They've released several albums, of which their latest one has been picked up by a major (Warners in Spain). I've read, they have a pretty big following in Spain and Japan and are also making inroads to the rest of Europe. DISCLAIMER a?? 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