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immersed in the wate
In ancient times, Hainan was sparsely populated, and it was a place of exile for degraded officials. Hu Shuan, a famous minister in the Song Dynasty, once sighed: "Every mile of Tianya Road, the wild grass is like a broken soul", the exiled people have no way to find, they can only look at the sea and sigh, so there is "Tianya Haijiao". The tourist destination here is vast, the waves are magnificent, the water and the sky are the same, the coconut trees are whirling, the stones are full of beautiful scenery. The corners of the world in my heart include the vastness of "the sea is wide and the fish jumps, the sky is high and the birds fly", and the gentleness of the waves blooming. From afar, against the backdrop of coconut palms, the vast South China Sea is endless, and the sky is blue, the sea waves are calmly glowing, like a gentle mother whispering a lullaby to the child Marlboro Gold. There are several green mountains in the distance, seemingly absent from the surrounding smoke. The azure sky and the azure sea seemed to be frozen in a picture of blue water and blue sky. Gradually approaching, the sea is getting closer and closer to me Newport Cigarettes, the sea is no longer calm, the sea is surging, layers of waves sometimes play with the fish and shrimp in the sea, and sometimes catch up with the clouds to play Newport 100S, like a very playful child. At the same time, the coconut groves came into view, and many coconut trees were full of coconuts, which seemed to be crumbling. I walked on the beach, and the soft sand was scorched by the hot sun. I saw that the sea water on the coast was light green, and the stones in the water were either half exposed or immersed in the water, clearly visible. Farther away, the sea water becomes sky blue, then dark blue, extending all the way to the sky. The sea waves hit the beach, stirring up the white waves, and also brought the salty taste of sea water and the products of countless oceans. I can't wait to take off my shoes and step into the sea. The sea was chilling, and the waves gently patted my calf. The sea under the sunlight shimmered, like a mirror shining with golden light. I reached into the clear water and searched. The purple shells, strange-shaped stones, and white coral stones soon filled the trouser pockets. I am like a fish, feeling the joy of racing against the waves and dancing with the waves in the vast sea. After landing on the shore, I saw a huge rock standing on the shore, Tianya Stone, Cape Stone, "Nantianyizhu", they are like a loyal guardian guarding the vast South China Sea around the clock. At this moment, I closed my eyes and listened to the voice of the sea. Listening to the sea romantically going to the beach, and leaving in a hurry, it seems to be talking, it seems to be talking. The sea breeze brushed my face, brushed my hair, and blown up the corner of my clothes, bringing a hint of coolness. I was standing for a long time, and Ren Sixiu flew: if everyone can have a broad mind like the sea, like a corner of the world How good is the tolerance of the world, the step back is the sky and sea!
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