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ollection Derek Carr Hat
Typically Brandon Parker Hat , in a SharePoint project the main roles are:
SharePoint Administrator
SharePoint developer
SharePoint Designer
SharePoint Architect
SharePoint Administrator

The SharePoint SharePoint administrator role includes setting up servers and infrastructure with services; SharePoint 20072010, Exchange Server, Active Directory, Windows 2003 and 2008 Server, SQL Server 20052008, IIS 6.0 and 7.0 Gareon Conley Hat , network infrastructure, ISA server, and so on. I am responsible for maintaining and optimizing the SharePoint farm.
A SharePoint administrator requires knowledge of SQL Server and Windows Server. Since SharePoint stores all its data in SQL Server databases, knowledge of DBA is critical. However, the knowledge of Windows Server required to build and maintain a SharePoint farm is important. The Administrator role is often divided between two people working closely with OMS Administrator and a Windows Server DBA DBA. Required DBA skills are required in September for any SQL Server but the features of Windows Server to SharePoint Administrator that Must have some knowledge of include:

Good knowledge in IIS and the architecture of it
Windows Server Manager
Active Directory (LDAP, ADLDS Johnny Townsend Hat , ADAM, etc.)
Network Load Balancing (NLB)
Firewall (NLB hardware and software)
Event Viewer and Performance Monitor
PowerShell script will be added benefit if the search in SharePoint 2010
But I suggest some knowledge of SharePoint development experience will add additional benefits to this role.

SharePoint developer
A developer's main role develops customized and component Web parts for SharePoint. They must have experience in , C # .net, web parts, master pages, Ajax developer P.J. Hall Hat , detailed knowledge of the object model object SharePoint 20072010 object model, JavaScript experience etc. A SharePoint developer must be well versed framework work and windows workflow foundations (WFF). The developer must have a solid understanding of C # and and a solid understanding or SharePoint API as a whole. Build from a fully customized workflow direction Visual Studio as well as encoding SQL server manipulation and custom SQL and maintenance also necessary so that some knowledge in the side DB also required. XML XSLT knowledge Also provide additional value in development. Since most things in SharePoint are based on XML or can be converted and powered as XML XSL, these are just another set of skills are another way that the developer can increase their value. A solid understanding of IIS and editing web configuration files are required for a developer.
However, the main thing is to understand the SharePoint features and services out-of-the-box pretty well so that you do not program something SharePoint've out of the box. SharePoint development This feature of setting Involves out of the box. So we should explain how project requirements to achieve with the least programming.

SharePoint Designer
There are some tricks that SharePoint Designer is really necessary for the SharePoint project. But in my experience, it's good to have a designer in your team so developers can focus on programming no need to waste time on their customization. Designers are responsible for all "non-programming" customization of the SharePoint solution. Good understanding of SharePoint and different on the Web parts of the box and their functionality are needed for the role of esta. Experience with HTML, style sheet Kolton Miller Hat , came, XML, XSLT, java script, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath 20072010 20072010 are the main areas to focus they have.

SharePoint Architect
A SharePoint architect needs to have a thorough understanding of SharePoint (admin, development Reggie Nelson Hat , functions) when and how new components, including web parts should be developed. Also in Microsoft General Technologies, in 3.5, C #, Exchange, Active Directory Amari Cooper Hat , Office 20072010, IIS and infrastructure in general. Pivotal is the specialized role of
SharePoint Architect. This is the person who can:
1. Collect, transform, validate and map functional and non-functional requirements
2. Plan and integration of the architect's infrastructure
3. Define solution
4. MOST map of the solution requirements to configurable existing SharePoint features
5. Architect and custom POC code as required.

The architect must present set-up project environments. In some cases, estate can be a development, staging Jared Cook Hat , and production complete environment blown. If this is the case, it is very important to have the whole match of environments as close as possible if not accurate. The architect must also understand clustering failover and load balancing for large operations.
A SharePoint architect must also have a solid understanding of alternative mapping of access in MOSS, host headers, DNS entries, Kerberos configuration and multiple forms of authentication (auth forms, NTML etc).
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