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Full Version: I didn't buy madden 20 since fuck sports matches and exactly the same game each year
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There are games where you're lined up in Mut 20 coins formation that is goalline and can not get back a run to the line of scrimmage against a dime shield on down. All these sports games which are attempting to become realistic with their graphics (goes for 2k and The Display as well) are essentially no longer actually making Madden more/less tough. It's way easier to just worsen RNG odds on penalties, fumbles, kicks, etc., and provide the AI hyper-human instincts and decisions that may only be made when they understood the play beforehand (oh wait, they perform ).

I didn't buy madden 20 since fuck sports matches and exactly the same game each year BS but exactly what I did in 19 was make phone a drama and unless it seemed perfect when I lined up, that can be rarely did, I'd have 3-4 plays every creation which I'd audible to. That's why it's so hard, if it only made the CPU better without nerfing the consumer it wouldn't be so bad.All madden would be fine if Madden gameplay wasn't complete shit. I'm not a boomer but the madden I played with, madden 08, is legit than today's madden.

All of madden isnt hard, it's just annoying how you have to play to win. It is infuriating Madden fucks you over constantly. Running the ball by way of instance is lame. You misuse stretches and dives because every thing is ensured negative yardage. Without boosting to wait for a border set block, you swerve about. You swerve inside trying to bait the AI that is dumb to make a retarded path so you can attempt to break out to abuse the terrible AI. Nothing in Madden feels just like there's skill or strategy related, it is only abuse mechanisms.Some the Cartoons in the madden game

Madden very seldom let's you feel that the joy of a TD pass play that is clean. You call the play that is ideal, dude becomes open, make a good toss.

Madden heavily runs on scripted cartoons. It is a bad and good thing at precisely the exact same time. Bad because of BS that is lots and inconsistencies you can see on r/Madden daily. Great because every other game I have seen on"physics based" animations created player connections look like flashes of sausages. Technologies still are not there. It is virtually impossible to create physics based anims in sport similar to this for it to not look hilarious. In Madden frequently anims look quite poor, accurate, but scripted sequences are the only method to provide it semblence of pure motion of individual body. At least the best we could get in this era.

If EA wants to stick with scripted animations (which I am perfectly fine with), then I'd like to see about three times as a number of these. Stuff like this could be less annoying if we saw it a third too often, which we would if there were far animation options.It's not necessarily the fact that they use animations which disturbs me, but the fact they look like they were designed by someone who has never watched soccer earlier. The two-man capture animation in which the cheap Madden nfl 20 coins receiver brings in the ball and begins to bring it down but has lightly tackled by a 190 pound corner and the ball suddenly flies 15-20 yards through the air makes no sense whatsoever. I have seen deflections that striking in real life, let alone tackles on recipients. The kinetics of that animation make zero sense.