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Full Version: I had lost my quest cape and do the pursuit that was reccomended to unlock Prif from
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I started playing around the exact same time. I have no 99s. If that's your objective I hope you get there 1 day! If not, then just enjoy RuneScape how you've been. I would like to max, that's my thing, while some could just RuneScape skill freely.I tend to have quite bored focusing on just one RuneScape skill. I played RuneScape back when 99 was a thing and was viewed in awe. Each time I pick up RuneScape I want to perform the quests and try some new things. I will spend a while on a RuneScape skill and then move to another. I've a few RuneScape skills in the 80s along with my smithing is OSRS gold the closest to 90 thanks to this rework. I could get there one day.

I got my 99 and it felt surreal. RS because 2005 and I've been playing with and getting 99 in anything was a childhood dream I just managed to achieve. The way that people max out all RuneScape abilities is beyond me.I never would have maxed when I didn't get injured and need to stop work for a while. It felt as though it was too far off to do generally. This is probably similar for lots of people too. Unable to walk much made it feasible Only having that time at home. I wasn't going for it initially, but after I had my combat 99s + pill + prayer, and then having elevated levels from quest requirements. It felt achievable one day.

I was all over the place with it initially. I did slayer to get a bit to find some cash, did some water fiends for range for a while (not as good anymore). Then I finally settled for training to the abyss. That's where I got 99 mage/range/attack/constitution. It's excellent exp and a very low barrier to entry, just tough. It shouldn't take you more than a couple weeks of playing to max out those in the event that you put many of hours. As there is not any real risk of dieing plus it's simple to simply afk there.

Then I went > Herblore > Summoning > End all of quests > Slayer > End the rest at your leisure. After doing the tasks and completing all of the quests, most RuneScape skills will probably be near 99. So I would like to to those asap. Plus you get a group of exp. A number of them provide a hundred thousand exp a popup. Use that on annoying RuneScape abilities.

I had lost my quest cape and do the pursuit that was reccomended to unlock Prif from everyone. I unlocked the town and did a clue right before DXP and got a shadow dye, instantly bought 99 pill for DXP. I felt awesome as somebody who had played fairly hardcore"back in the day" before xp/hr metagame existed (essentially before RS3 I imagine? However, the amount makes my 99s feel kinda meaningless in comparison lol.

Jagex:"The next Yak Yrack won't be cheap RuneScape gold as grindy."