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How to Fix Pinterest not Working on Chrome?
Pinterest is one of the good social networking places to share your pictures, videos, and lots of artworks. Some users say that they face issues while trying to access Pinterest on Google Chrome. 
Such users are suggested to follow the steps outlined below to beat this problem: 
Disable Hardware Acceleration 
The users must start by disabling any hardware acceleration using the steps given below: 
  1. Start Google Chrome and choose the vertical ellipsis menu icon at the upper right side of the window.

  2.  Then choose the choice of Settings. 

  3. You will see a System option on your window. 

  4. Thereafter, disable the choice of ‘Use hardware acceleration’ through the menu within the System. 

  5. Find the Relaunch button and click on thereon. 

  6. Google Chrome will reboot. Now try navigating to Pinterest again. 
Restore Chrome Settings 
Users also can try restoring their Chrome settings to urge obviate this issue. Here’s how: 
  1. Launch Google Chrome and choose the vertical ellipsis menu icon at the upper right side of the screen. 

  2. Then choose the button of Advanced at the lower side of the screen. 

  3. You will see an option of ‘Reset and Clean up’ within the options. 

  4. After that, select the Restore Settings to its standard option of Defaults beneath the Reset option and choose the choice of unpolluted up. 

  5. You will see a confirmation prompt and choose the Reset settings to proceed.

  6.  Now, reboot the Chrome. 
Remove Cookies and Cache 
Users can get obviate cache and cookies which will be cluttering their browser. The following are the steps to clear your cache or cookies: 
  1. Start by launching Google Chrome on your system. 

  2. After that, select the vertical ellipsis menu icon at the top of the screen. 

  3. Select the choice of More Tools. 

  4. You have to settle on the ‘Clear browsing data’ option via a menu option. 

  5. A dialog section will show on your screen. 

  6. Then click on the ‘All-time option’ present within the Time Range. 

  7. Beneath the Advanced section, select the box of Browsing history, Cookies and Site data, files, and Cached images. 

  8. Then choose the button of Clear Data. 

  9. Once you finish the instructions, each cookie and cache is going to be removed. 
Turn off Extensions 
Here are some steps to show off Chrome extension: 
  1. Firstly, launch Google Chrome on your computer. 

  2. Afterward, tap on the vertical ellipsis menu icon at the upper right side of the window. 

  3. Then choose the choice of More Tools. 

  4. You should click on the Extensions through the fresh menu that appears. 

  5. You will find all the added extensions during a list form on the browser screen. 

  6. Select the button of Remove beneath the extension you'd wish to delete that specific extension from the browser. 

  7. Now, delete all the extra extensions. 
Update the Chrome 
An outdated Chrome browser might be the rationale of why you can't access Pinterest. Update it within the following ways: 
  1. Invoke the Google Chrome app. 

  2. Then select the vertical ellipsis menu icon at the upper right side of the window. 

  3. In case you'll see any update, click on and choose the choice of ‘Update Google Chrome.’ 

  4. Later, the browser will begin upgrading. 

  5. Once you finish the method, reboot the browser. 
Conclusion This post will come handy in fixing any issues with Pinterest that you simply may face while browsing through Chrome. We hope it helps.

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